Thursday, October 11, 2012

Washi tape is my hero!

Here is where I proclaim my LOVE for washi (paper) tape!  It can be used for SOOOOO many things. Some of the typical uses are to label file folders, decorate a wrapped present instead of using ribbon, transform an old coffee can into a beautiful utensil holder and the most popular use is probably for scrapbooking!  I am going to share a few ways that washi tape ROCKS my world! When I first bought it I was just labeling folders like any other teacher would and I got bored with it, so I stopped!  I threw the rolls I had left on my cute little "thinking" plate and I made them sit there until I figured out a better way to use them. I use this plate all the time.  It is so freaking adorable!  Guess where I got it?  Duh....Target! So anyway,  Pinterest helped a little with some  of the ideas I listed below but I didn't come up with anything extraordinary until a couple days ago.  Yup, a light bulb went off!  I am so in love with these ideas that I might sleep with a couple rolls of washi  j/k! 

My friends below were in timeout for about 2!  Seriously, I was annoyed that I couldn't think of anything so I punished them.  Shortly after the 2 weeks had passed I came across an old jewelry holder that I had stored away in my loft.  I was actually going to sell it at my sister's garage sale the other weekend and I am SO GLAD I didn't it.  I have repurposed it and it is now my favorite piece in my work space. I decided to hang all of my rolls of washi tape on it and it is so freakin adorable! It melts my heart =) 

My first idea was to pimp out my planner and write down every holiday/event or any temporary plans.  I love the fact that washi tape can simply be pulled up if your schedule changes and it doesn't leave any residue.  It doesn't hurt that the transparent geometric prints on the tape are so fun. need a permanent marker to write on the tape. 

Okay, here is the most exciting part;  my "light bulb" idea.  I was going into my kitchen to get my vitamins the other morning and I looked at how bad the insides of my cabinets were starting to look, especially near the front edges of the shelves. Of course, I immediately think, "why can't Candice Olson or Sabrina Soto come to my house and give me a surprise makeover?" I know I know, keep dreaming right? So back to reality, I knew I wanted to do something and that's when I headed back to my desk to check my phone and I looked at my washi tree. LIGHT BULB!  The next thing I said out loud to myself was "I am a freakin genius!" Yup, I decided to line the front of my cabinets with the tape. So stinkin excited about this.  Keep in mind I had been hating my kitchen cabinets for such a long time now and to finally find a cheap way to spice them up makes me so incredibly happy.  If you walked in on me after I had just finished applying the tape you probably would have been like "OMG....she is way too excited about this!"            


I do plan on doing something with my kitchen eventually(maybe this winter) but I am still searching for all the right products.  I will be creating a mood board for the space to help me plan it out and I'll be sure to post it when I finish.  Alright, here is another fun way to use washi tape for all of you designers out there.  I cut little pieces of tape and put them on specific colors I need to remember for many different reasons. I mark some for inspiration, others for certain clients, family members and of course I tab the ones I dream of using one day.  I also just recently found the most organized way to keep track of all the different colors I have ever used.  It's amazing and I will be sure to post soon. It's so nice not to have a bunch of yucky post its sticking out of the sides of my swatch book.  It looks so much more professional now and I can't wait to use it out on my next consult.

I have a specific code I used to label them and it saves me from writing too much on such a small swatch. That way if someone else likes that color I don't have to take the tape off for them.  They can still see majority of the swatch.

I recently stocked up on more because they were on sale...CHA CHING! Sale ends Oct. 13th. Get your butts out to Target and get some.

So it all started here on my thinking plate! Lesson learned, don't ever give up! Get yourselves a thinking plate and make it happen!

Anyone transforming spaces/objects/people(no with washi tape? Share the wealth....


  1. I didn't even know this pretty tape existed! Thanks so much for giving me some super ideas on how to use it around my home. Can't wait to get started!

  2. So why haven't I heard of this amazing tape before?!? Too bad I missed the sale but I will be picking some of this up! I already have several ideas for its use like labeling the stuff for daycare, lining the science closet, and using it to fix up my son'smold book case.

  3. I need to put washi tape on my DIY project list! I know I commented yesterday but I am so happy that Jen featured you because I LOVE all your projects! Got myself a cup of coffee, Kelly & Micheal & your posts! :)


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