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Please contact me via email in order to purchase the following online services:  (

What is an Online Design Plan?

Here's how it works, I will begin by sending you an email asking a few questions about your project: style preferences, project allowance (budget) and lifestyle(how you live in the space), I will also ask you to send me photos of your space(s) and measurements. I will create a custom design and provide you with a detailed plan to help you achieve the room of your dreams.  Your custom design can include both current pieces and/or all new product recommendations. 

What is the price of an Online Design Plan?

I am offering a multiple room discount.  Multiple room design plans guarantee flow between spaces.  This is perfect for open concept homes or clients that love "builder model flow".  Here is the pricing: 
One Room Online Design Plan $200
Two Room Online Design Plan $350
Three Room Online Design Plan $525

What does the Online Design Plan include?

A custom design board (inspiration/mood board)
Specific product recommendations for furniture, art, decor, fabric, accessories, and drapes.
Product source list (shopping list)
Paint color recommendations
Tips for incorporating current pieces 
Specific furniture placement suggestions (as seen in your true to scale floor plan) 

Again please email with any questions you might have regarding your design plan.  I am currently in the process of setting up a paypal account in order to receive payment.  I am ready and excited to start bringing a little Shush into your home, so let's get started!  

Here are some examples of my most recent work...


  1. I Just wanted to say that is my first time looking at your webpage and I LOVE IT!!. You have the decorating design in your blood. I wish I was the same. But you give me good ideas for my apartment.God bless your talent!!
    Bring it are awesome

  2. I'm so glad I found you. I need your decorating skill so desperately. Your design and style suits me to a "T". Beautiful!

  3. Just "found" your site and I am absolutely awestruck! You are so talented! It is obvious just by reading your site that you are also such a good person! Would you have any suggestions as how to LIVEN up a room that is actually in a coastal house but has gold (gold but on the closer end to tan) couches. We just finished off a bottom floor but are having to "work with" some old furniture for the time being. What color choices would look nice in your opinion. Would light teal color walls be an option?

    1. So sorry I am so late getting back to you. I have been away from blog land for a while for personal issues.

      I would def go with teal walls. I would suggest using a color called "fun n games" by benj moore. It looks very soothing on the walls but also fun and bright and cheery!


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