Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Organizing Gift Wrap

In a recent post I mentioned using the Elfa Rack system for something amazing and I am so excited to tell you about it today. So here we go.... 

Living in a condo makes it VERY hard to find places to store things like gift wrap.  I have sold/thrown out sooooo many valuable things because I have nowhere to store them. MAJOR sad face.  But that has all changed.  Thanks to Pinterest I found an awesome solution for my gift wrap collection, which is much smaller than it used to be because I've had to purge a lot in order to scale down.  I can't wait to start collecting again because now I have a super cute functional way of storing it.  Giving a gift that has a beautiful presentation is one of my favorite things to do in this world.  Not only is it fun to give, it's a blast making it look adorable in the meantime.  I am so happy that I can enjoy that process even more now.

These are some photos that I saw on Pinterest.  I knew I wanted to use my entry way closet to store my gift wrap accessories but I did NOT want to put any holes in the door.  Mainly because I don't plan on staying in this condo forever and that would be one less thing I have to do when I sell.  After looking at these photos I decided to head to the Container Store to see what kind of storage they had and I brought the last inspiration photo (#3) with me.  I thought it looked like the Elfa system that I love and sure enough it was.  I ended up coming up with almost the same set up as #3. 

# 1


So here is the breakdown of what I bought from the Container Store:

1- 77 3/4 " Mounted Standard
Set of 2 Residential Overdoor Hooks
3- Deep Baskets (boxes/bags/bottom of gift wrap)
1- Shallow Basket (ribbon holder)
1- Media Rack (top of gift wrap)

p.s. I plan on buying another deep basket or shallow basket for when my collection grows.

Here is the 77 3/4" mounted standard.  It just hangs on the top of your door with one of the residential hooks and then it is secured at the bottom with another hook. 

Here are all of the baskets...

Here are the hooks on the baskets that easily slide into the standard....

 This is what the media rack looks like.  It is meant to store cds, dvds, etc. but it ended up being the perfect size to keep the tops of the wrapping paper from falling over.  This holds them in place and there is room for about 25-30 rolls depending on the size of the roll. You can also adjust the height of the media rack for taller rolls of paper. GENIUS!  Thank you Elfa & Pinterest =)

 Here is my collection so far....

Of course I had to label some things but I plan on updating these labels, I am already sick of them! BORING...lol.  Of course, I am thinking little chalkboard labels...TYPICAL!

Here is the bottom where all of the wrapping paper sits so nicely...

I love having a place to store my left over boxes from Christmas.  I have way more in my loft but these are all the normal sized ones that I use on a daily basis for birthdays, showers, etc.  

Draping my tissue paper over the front edge of the media rack keeps the paper fresh looking and its the perfect solution for preventing wrinkles. So excited about that!  (if only there was a solution like that for our skin...lol)

LIGHT BULB: washi tape on clothes pins?  I just might have to try it!

It helps to store bags within bags to maximize your storage space.  I also always make sure that I don't fold them because then they look really used, doesn't make for a pretty gift. All of my bigger bags are stored in my used carryall bags from stores like the Macy's, Gap, or the Container Store.

See all of this extra space I have in between the baskets? You know what that means...I can expand my collection....Heck YEA!

Did you notice my washi tape on this jar I repurposed?  It used to be a jar of hot fudge and I just cleaned it out and ripped off the label. PRESTO...a perfect utensil holder dressed up with some pretty tape.

I just remembered that I forgot to include my gift labels in this post. They are printed labels that you can have personalized and they stick on anything just like an avery label.  These are awesome and so adorable. I usually put them on a bottle of wine, a boring gift bag, inside a boxed gift to close the tissue paper together, the list goes on.  I keep them in my daily planner just in case I need a last minute gift while I'm out and about. Just thought I'd share these because they have definitely enhanced my gift giving skills.  Thank you Erin Condren!!!

If this isn't the easiest way to store your gift wrap I don't know what is!  Can someone have a Birthday soon??? (speaking of birthdays I'm expecting my new little nephew any hour/day now!)


  1. Ahhhh I totally need this!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome ideas! Love them!

  3. You always have the greatest organizational ideas. Thank you!

  4. We ARE doing this in my guest room over Christmas break....you are officially hired to help me:)

    1. Can't wait!!! Let's keep an eye out for an Elfa sale...

  5. I have so much gift wrapping stuff!! And it's all in one giant storage bin. I love your ideas on how to organize it all!! Awesome!

  6. and I'm completely obsessed with your label idea!!


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