Friday, October 26, 2012

New Labels for My Gift Wrap Station

Ahhh... the weekend is here and Hurricane Sandy is a brewin!  This might be the perfect time to stay home and reorganized some messy areas in your home. I plan on getting my finances in check with my new household binder kit that I ordered off of Etsy.  Keep an eye out next week for that post.  It's gonna be a good one!  In the meantime I wanted to share a small update I made this week.   Do you remember when I posted not too long ago about my oh so organized gift wrap station? I am still so giddy about this storage solution secretly tucked away in my hall closet.  You won't believe how much this little compact station can store.  The only thing I wasn't in love with were my labels. I just wasn't feeling them so I ripped them off and threw them out.  Ahhhhh....I love starting with a clean slate.  CHANGE IS GOOD right? That is my motto.  My boyfriend laughs every time we talk about our house and how often I am changing the decor.  Never a dull moment in this condo and he loves it! Alright, so here are my labels before....

And here they are now...

I came across these Martha Stewart labels and they were just what I needed.  They have a sticky back which makes them super easy to attach to almost anything and they are compatible with avery labels.  SCORE! Super duper convenient because I use avery labels for everything. { less thing to buy

It's the simple changes that make me the happiest!  No detail left undone..... 

Now over to you!  What other ways are you labeling things around your abode?   


  1. Hi Michelle!
    I just found your blog via iHeart and I love it! Where do you get the collapsible gift boxes from? Any online stores as we don't have great places like Target, the Container Store etc. here in Ireland!

    1. I purchased them from Walmart. I am sure you can go on and search for them.

      Thanks for coming by


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