Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have been purchasing vinyl lettering{decals} for years from Uppercase Living.  I personally like to work with an independent demonstrator for the company, name Becky Capuzzi. She has been helping me for years.  Even though I have never met her in person I consider her a friend.  She is a really sweet person and knows anything and everything about the product.  Thank You Becky and her website{which I linked above} for always making my purchases effortless. 

Uppercase Living offers pre made expressions as well as a design suite that allows you to customize your own decals.  They have over 50 fonts and colors.  It is so much fun to create your own personal touches in your home.  Here some pictures from their website:

 I personally have 3 Uppercase Living decals in my condo and I have convinced a bunch of my clients to use them as well. Here are a few of them....

This decal says "Sweet Dreams" in French.  I did a Paris themed room for my coworker's daughter and yes that is a 7ft lit Eiffel Tower{to die for}.

I love this expression, it screams ALL GIRL.  It is located in a little girl's room just above her play {dress up} area.

I bought this decal for my laundry closet 5 years ago and it is still there. It never gets old and I love that I have the option to remove it if I want to. {I don't plan removing it anytime soon} I took the doors off the closet because this is just too cute to hide. 

This is the first wall people see when they walk in my front door and I knew it had to be warm and inviting. I want people to walk in and get excited about what's to come. This expression just adds a little punch because it's in an unexpected place below the mirror {eye level from outside the door}.  It's that last finishing touch to this small entryway nook.  {I LOVE these decals!}

You can't forget your holiday expressions either!  I received this decal free when I purchased a few other things. I was so excited to stroll around my house to find just the right spot for it. My new obsession is putting decals on everything BUT walls. {I'll share more about that later}  Last year I had "Happy Halloween" on the outside molding around my front door.  It looked awesome.  I wish I had taken a picture.  This year I decided to spice up my entertainment center. Check it out....

If you like what you see go to Becky Capuzzi's website and order your expressions today. 
You can also follow her on Facebook!
You will not be Sorry....

{I am not getting paid to promote Uppercase Living, I just love their products that much!}


  1. When will the wonderfulness of your ideas end??? Hopefully NEVER! Again, I marvel at your "thinking outside of the box" ideas and can't wait to do a walk about in my house to see where I can put up some decals as well! Thanks Michelle!

  2. Michelle - I really do hope one day we DO meet in person!! :) I too consider you a friend and thank you for this post. I will always help you (and anyone else) with Uppercase Living - I love showing how these products can transform a room into a space that screams YOU! You are only limited by your creativity, which for you, my friend, is endless!! :)

  3. Awesome! How hard are they to remove?

    1. No, not at all. They just peel off. They are not reusable though!

  4. You are so creative! I love looking at all the neat stuff!

  5. Love this easy way to add a personal touch to every room


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