Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink and Orange should TIE THE KNOT!

I had been dying to paint a room orange and when my brother asked me to help him transform his nursery into an adorable big girl room I knew I had to convince him to let me do it.  Let's just say I was jumping up and down on the inside but I had to act super cool and calm about it because I didn't want to freak my bro out.  I probably said something like, "Yea sure that sounds cool!"....lol.  I LOVE doing projects for my family mainly because I love them but more importantly because I get to hang out in those spaces even after I am done with the project.  My brother basically gave me the "go" to make my niece Emily a big girl room. He said he trusted me and that I could do what I want but it came out sounding more like this, "I don't care what you do!"  Ha...typical brother.  So this means this room is getting a fresh coat of orange..... SCORE! 

Here is before pic of the nursery: 

 I actually had my Mom's help with this project. We picked the bedding, the curtains, and the lamp together.  Then we searched high and low on craigslist for some functional pieces that we could refinish ourselves.  Did I mention I love a good buy on craigslist?  My entire downstairs(which is very small because I live in a condo) is mostly furniture bought off of craigslist. It's so much fun getting a great deal on some really high end pieces.  We ended up finding a furniture set that consisted of an armoire and a cute nightstand, so we took a drive out to PA to check them out. When we got there we were so happy to see that they were in such good shape, which meant we did not have to do any work to them.  The price was right and the size was so fitting for this tiny room. We ended up buying the headboard and footboard at a local store, so that ended up being a small splurge but considering we had just bought "like new" furniture, SO CHEAP, we didn't mind the splurge on the bed.

Another photo of the nursery before:

This is my niece Emily who is super excited about getting a brand new room.  She kept saying, "Shushy, can you put lots of fun colors in my room, especially HOT PINK!" So that is exactly what we gave her.  Here we are about to put our first coat of paint on the walls.  The highlight of the whole project was seeing her face when I said she could help me paint.   We HAD to do some cute handprints first .....

I love hanging out my nieces! They are my world. 

When Emers asked for HOT pink, a light bulb went off in my head.  I just knew pink and orange would look awesome together because of the analogous color scheme (they are next to each other on the color wheel). 

Check out our finished product!  We LOVE it and Emily loves it even more.


The bedding is from Land of Nod but I believe they no longer sell it =(

I found these adorable coat racks at HomeGoods for $15/each.  LOVE the glass knobs.  (p.s. I plan on making something like this for my house- I'll share my secret later about how I will use them)  

This accent pillow was another HomeGoods purchase. It was the perfect splash of teal.  I wanted to  COOL down all of the vibrant loud colors in the space. 

I am so smitten over these curtains. I feel like they truly tie the whole room together.  This marriage between pink and orange is so meant to be! I decided to purchase the curtains at a length that would fall way short of the floor.  Normally, I am a stickler for curtains hung floor to ceiling because I always want to make rooms feel bigger/taller. In this case I wanted a fun/less sophisticated look and I also wanted to showcase the girlie ruffles along the bottom.  For some reason in my own CRAZY mind I feel like the room looks bigger if there is nothing laying on the floor. 

You can see here that I still decided to hang the curtain panels at ceiling height because I want your eye to go up when you walk into this space.  Fun tip about me: When I walk into someone else's house and I see curtains hung floor to ceiling I usually think, "yay... they know a little sump'm sump'm about designing a space" and then I give them props for it... LOL.  I bet you are all scared to have me over now.  I promise I won't bite.

I will be sure to post about the super easy steps to hanging curtain rods real soon.  I always thought it was something I needed Billy boy to help me with....boy was I WRONG!  I wasted so many hours waiting around for him to help me in the past and now NO MORE waiting.  I can do it with my eyes closed. 

This plush green area rug was a last minute purchase from my 2nd home Target.  I was just browsing through the home decor section, as I do EVERY time I hit up Target, and I saw this and thought how perfect it would be for Emily's space.  It would keep her little feet warm on those cold mornings when she is getting ready for school and it is nice and soft for her to kneel down on and play with all of her barbies. 

How awesome is this armoire?  It's perfect for a little girl to grow into. When she gets older she can put her TV/Computer inside and it already has a hole cut out of the back for all of her wires. The mirrored doors are also functional because first of all they are mirrors and what girl doesn't need a mirror? Second, they have the double hinged feature which allows them to fold all the way back against the sides of the armoire keeping the space as open as possible. Love that! 

The top drawer of the armoire is genius because it's designed to organized all of her wonderful girlie accessories, which are the best part of any outfit in my world. I plan on buying Emily tons of fun stuff for this drawer when she gets older. 

I am GA GA over this space and I really love the pink and orange together.  It is truly a perfect match.  Every time I go to my bro's house I HAVE to walk back and see how the space is doing. It still makes me smile and isn't that what design is all about? 

What do you all think? Do you have any colors that you think should tie the knot? If so, do tell! I would love to attend another marriage! 


  1. Love this room! I would have never thought to put pink and orange together like this. I can't wait to see more spaces...

  2. The transformation is wonderful! Love your color scheme and decorating ideas in this fun room!

  3. I know this is an archived post...but you DO say you keep color swatches of all your projects! Do you know what this shade of orange is called??

  4. and what do you think of it for a LR? There is a fireplace/accent wall that is a deep cranberry tea color...


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