Monday, November 19, 2012

The "Bomb Dot Com" Pantry

Yes, I have labeled this post the "bomb dot com" pantry because it truly is.  I am allowed to call it that because it's not mine {boo freakin who}.  I am sooooooo jealous because I don't have a pantry of my own and I have had many dreams about how I would organize mine if I did.  One of my longtime BFF's {Tracy} made one of those dreams come true by allowing me to transform her pantry into a functional space she and I  could love. She was truly looking to blow this pantry up because she was so frustrated with the lack of organization. I am so glad I got to her when I did.  We transformed this space in 2 days and now she doesn't want to close the door. Check out these before and after shots....

After we finished the pantry we just stood there and stared at it and started naming all the things we loved about it.  Tracy love, love, loved that each shelf is fully packed but yet every item is still visible. She immediately said "Yayyy, I will FINALLY be able to see when I am running low on certain foods!" That meant no more grabbing a cereal box and realizing it's empty the day after you went food shopping.  She also loves the shelf paper we used to line the back walls of her pantry. It's gorgeous!!!  {I actually used the same pattern of the shelf paper for my before and after tags. It ties it all together}

You can see in this photo below that Tracy had a lot going on in this pantry, just like we all do, and she needed a fresh start.  We were both thinking, "Where the heck do we begin?" So we decided to hit up the Container Store to find all of the fun gadgets they had to offer. Before we left I had Tracy make a list of all the food/things that we would need to find a home for.  We brought that list with us and bought accordingly. We told ourselves it would be okay to overbuy and then return if we didn't use everything, that way we wouldn't have to go back there in the middle of the project {I hate when I have to wait to take those "after" photos}.  

After we got back from the store we emptied out the entire pantry and starting to create a plan.

We pre-ordered this shelf liner from a couple days ago so that it would be at Tracy's doorstep in time for the clean out.  It is such a show piece, I feel bad that my pictures don't do it justice. The plan was to use this on her back wall to give the pantry a little depth and of course for the design aspect.  

It was time to start putting things in their new homes so we gathered up all of our Container Store finds and starting to fill them up. Here is what we bought...

1.  Good Grips Pop Containers- These are so cool! You place the lid on top of the container and then you press down the center circle and it seals the lid.  It's so fun to pop these up and down, especially when going to grab a cookie or some yummy peanuts.  

Check out my girl Tre filling one of these bad boys up with cheez-its...Yummmay!

2. Baskets - these are usually used for linens in a linen closet or to hold mail on your entry way table but we thought they would be perfect to house bags of snacks/popcorn/pretzels or boxes of all things Betty Crocker. 

Sidenote: Doesn't the toaster look adorable in this basket? It's not just aesthetic, it's functional too! It hides the cord and keeps any crumbs inside the basket {with machine washable fabric}.  Such a cute idea...Tracy gets all the props for that one!  There is also another basket on her top shelf that houses all of her place mats and cloth napkins. 

3. Large handle storage basket- we jumped at the chance to throw these guys in our cart. They are so clutch for putting a bunch of ingredients for one meal in one place so you can just grab the basket and go. Tracy and I are huge PB&J fans so we immediately thought to put those ingredients in here.

4. Clear plastic shelf liner- genius invention for wire shelving.  This little trick makes taking things in and out of your pantry so much easier. Yay....nothing can fall through the cracks anymore.  I highly recommend these!

5. Expand-a-shelf- gotta love anything that expands and allows you to add more but still keep it neat and tidy. 

Got a great deal on the Expand-a-Shelf....

6. Wine Rack- this is actually called the "design your own wine rack" because you can buy as many boxes as you want to house whatever amount of wine you have.  You can triple the size of this rack by just adding more dowels. We got these because we thought it'd be fun to paint them our POP color. 

{this blue color looks super bright here but it's not the true color in person}

I love using my spray paint comfort grip.  It makes clean up so much easier = no paint on my fingers!

I also spray painted these letters from Jo Ann's and these baskets from TJ maxx.

I subconsciously wore our pop color on the 2nd day.  

These might be my favorite part of the project, mainly because painting these wasn't even my idea. Yup, Tre-dawg totally thought these guys would look better in a new color and HOLY COW was she right?!?! They look Stupid Cute! {urban dictionary: stupid cute= someone or something that is so attractive it disrupts your ability to intelligently process information while looking at it}

We added a picture frame to the door using these command strips. {so nice to not have to put a hole in the door} The frame will function as a dry erase board in order to jot down those last minute grocery needs.  I brought over a bunch of different pieces of craft paper to use as a backdrop.  Even Tracy's husband chimed in and expressed how much he liked this idea...SCORE! {he wasn't digging the last thing on the grocery list}



One of the last things we added was a small nail in the wall to hang Tracy's shopping bags. 

Before we knew it this pantry was DUNZO! 


It's not too late to make even the smallest spaces in your home beautiful! Is it not the Bomb Dot Com? Anyone else gushing over this pantry makeover?  


  1. Yes. I love it! Well done! I am totally stealing some of these ideas :-)

    Asten x

  2. I can't thank Michelle enough for all her help and great ideas! If it wasn't for her I may have never tackled this project- let's be honest the pantry was a hot mess before Michelle got her hands on it!!! I am in love with my pantry; I literally leave the door open and admire it. I highly recommend taking the time out of your busy schedules to put a little organization in your life!! Michelle is AMAZING and I love her to pieces!! Thank you!

  3. I love this! I can't wait to organize mine!

  4. Awesome job!! The hook to hang reusable shopping bags is brilliant! I also really love that wine rack -- super cute! I am totally going to work on convincing the hubs to snag some of those OXO containers :) Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas!


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