Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Teacher Gifts: What's good? What's ehhh?

My sister just asked me last night for some cute ideas on what to make/buy for her daughter's teacher for the holidays.  I told her to hop on Pinterest to gather some ideas. Of course, EVERYTHING she found involved food, hot cocoa mixes, coffee mugs etc. She wanted to do something meaningful but nothing too extravagant. Being a teacher myself, I know some of  my favorite gifts that I received in the past were when students would just write me a kind note/card.  {keep in mind I am a high school teacher} I usually throw the notes/cards in a shoe box or in a file folder to save for a day when I'm not feeling so hot and then I whip them out and reminisce. So much fun!  I can't even imagine teaching at the elementary level and receiving notes from those little jealous!  Those kiddos probably say the cutest things.  Soooooo.....I thought I'd break down a small list of what's good and what's ehhh to gift to a school teacher.  I do not speak for ALL TEACHERS but I do have a lot of friends who are teachers and majority of them agree with me on this.

         What’s Good?                        What’s Ehhh? 

1.  School Supplies for Classroom                                   1. NOTHING is ehhhh...everything  
2.  Christmas ball ornament with a small note inside       is appreciated!
3. Christmas card- personal note inside                         
4. Gift cards to Staples/Target/Walmart - to help 
replenish the teachers' pockets after they fork over 
their own money to buy supplies for their kiddies 
every year. 
5. Any type of goodies = YUM!
6. An awesome smile and and a sweet hug

I personally would suggest doing a cute kid made ornament like this.  It's so easy to just string these buttons and add a beautiful ribbon to it.  I would also tag a little note on it and have the student write their favorite memory of their teacher on it.

In all seriousness there is no need to buy gifts for teachers.  I would highly recommend a personal note that your son or daughter writes sharing a fun moment that they had with their teacher. To me that is  PRICELESS!!!!  

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