Thursday, November 15, 2012

Part 2 Closet: Time To Restock

I posted a couple days ago about my closet clean out and how I was purging a lot of things.  I am back to share with you the finished product. Before I start I want to show you some of my favorite things that I purchased to make this a fully functional, organized space....


 After I purged and donated A LOT, I whipped out these gorgeous bins that I found at the Container Store and starting putting some clothes away. I made labels for each one so there was no question as to what's in there when I am getting ready in the morning.  

These were a total SCORE from the Container Store at $9.99 a bin. 

I also snatched up this drawer divider and decided to use it to store all of my belts and clutches. 

I have a ton of hats that I wear a whole lot more in the spring and summer so I decided to store them away for the time being in these hat boxes. 

Things were finally starting to come together. I began putting some items in the closet one by one. As you can see I went with a green and cream theme.  I love those huggable hangers you see below.  They keep almost any kind of material on the hanger and they really do HUG each other to save space.  

Speaking of hangers, I found this awesome guy at the Container Store.  He holds 10 scarves and keeps them from getting wrinkled. I can finally see every single scarf I own and easily grab one in a jiff on my way out the door. 
I have always hung my boots up with pant hangers but I recently found another great idea, if you don't have space in your closet to hang them.  

The trick is to stuff your boots with magazines to keep them upright and they will sit so nicely on the floor without falling over. GENIUS!  Thanks to Jen over at iHeart Organizing for coming up with that one. I still prefer to hang mine just because I like to keep my floor as clear as possible.

This area rug was in my entry way and I was never in love with it so I tried it out in here and it fits really well.  It just adds a little something to this space. I am all about layering. Who says you can't put a rug on top of a rug? Not this girl!  I would really LOVE a green and white chevron rug but I am trying to keep my spending down to prepare for the holidays. 

I had these hooks and the pegboard hung here for about 5 years now. I think I purchased the hooks from PBteen and the pegboard was from Home Depot. I thought I was genius for coming up with this idea but then I realized it wasn't really saving me any space because I wasn't using it the best way possible.  I used to hang about two purses on each hook and that was it.  Those few 7 or 8 purses took up the whole pegboard.  Now, I have so much more space because I came up with a great solution to maximize the space.  I decided to use the hooks to hange all of my cardigan sweaters.  I've always hated when sweaters got those pointy hanger marks and how they wrinkle when folded, so this was a "bomb dot com" idea for me.  Hanging them by their tags completely solves any problem I had prior to this. It's super easy for me to grab one in a cinch and to be able to hang them right back up.  I tend to wear these around my house all the time so they need to be out in front and easy to find.


I've had these "S" hooks for a while now and I repurposed this towel rod from my downstairs powder room. I love having all of my bags right here instead of wasting space on the entire pegboard. These bags hang so nicely at the bottom of the board. Easy to find, easy to grab, and most importantly easy to hang back up when I am done with them.  Love this.... {p.s. you could also use shower curtain hooks on your clothes rack to hang your bags}

I've had this mirrored jewelry cabinet for a couple years now and it is THEEEEEE best $170 bucks I've ever spent. 

I have so much space for my collection and MORE. We all know how easy it is to go from 5 pairs of earrings to 25.  I don't ever remember where the earrings even come from but they somehow just show up in this cabinet and I love that I haven't run out of space yet.

The most frustrating part of this closet is that there is no place to hang long dresses.  I decided to sneak these dresses back here behind the hangers on the right side of the closet.  They hang really close to the wall so they don't interfere with the existing clothes on the rack. 

See the dresses next to my sneaker collection?  So clutch...

One more shot of all my favorite kicks...

I used to keep all of my other shoes {heels and flats} under that bottom rack of clothes and all along the left side of the closet.  I knew I had at least 12 pairs so when I saw that the Container Store was selling 20 shoe containers for $33 buckaroos...Cha Ching... I was sold! Here are all of my girls lined up and  ready to be boxed. 

I ended up only using 15 boxes. You know what that means? It's "okay" to buy! These containers are really clutch, they stack so nicely and make it incredibly easy to find what shoe you are looking for.  I am so happy I don't have to go digging at the bottom of my closet anymore. Thanks to my girl Bethenny Frankel for giving me the idea.  She stores EVERYTHING in these plastic bins. 

Can't forget my little step stool that helps me grab a pair of shoes when I need them...

This closet is finally coming together...

Everyone has different ways of arranging their clothes in their closet.  I personally like to first arrange my clothes by the length of sleeve and then by color...ROY G BIV! Although my before pics didn't display this, they DID start out that way and then my hectic mornings came into play. 

I have always tried planning my outfits out ahead of time to save a little extra time in the morning {which really means I get to sleep LONGER}! I usually put the outfits in the front of my closet so they are easy to grab when I am half awake at 530am.  

I recently found this helpful tip on Pinterest last year and I am in love with it.  {Tip: using soda tabs to keep your outfits together}. I probably could have bought those hangers with the hooks already on them but it's kind of fun to repurpose things... isn't it? 

Sometimes I even throw some jewelry on there...

Talk about huggable hangers, these things are amazing = room for MORE clothes. {see... it never ends, in 2 years I will be purging 6 bags all over} 

I keep all of my soda tabs right here in my jewelry cabinet. You can see them in the bottom left side of the photo.

Do you remember that awful stack of hangers on my bedroom floor from yesterday? What the heck was I going to do with all of them?!?!

Donate Donate Donate... seems to be the answer for everything...right?  I felt bad just throwing them in a box the way they were in that pic above {all jumbled together} so I used Scotch Stretch Wrap to group them together.  I separated the hangers into two piles: plastic and wire, and then I wrapped them together in small groups to make them easier to handle. 

Then I threw them in the box that the shoe containers came in and BOOM I was done. 

Here is the finished product....
    BEFORE                 AFTER

And I finally got my bedroom back....

I love my closet now and I do feel so much better that I got rid of sooooo many unworn clothes.  There is always someone who needs things more than we do and it felt so good to know that all of my favorite pieces would soon be someone else's favorites. Sooooooo...what are you thinking? Like it? Love it? Hate it?  



  1. Good grief! You are amazing! I came back to your blog to check out info on how you line shelves and stumbled on this gem. I wish I had a closet that big! Your organizational skills are fantastic and I love it! So cool to see all the awesome things you can do, girl!

  2. A-ma-zing!!! Great job - I have never seen that soda tab trick. I'm going out to buy some Coke just for the tabs hahahah!!!

  3. Your closet is the "bomb dot com"!! You have me looking to improve my closet now! Love the color choice and the hangers. I may have to try them! Great job! And I love your bedroom decor too!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I use that phrase all the time =)

  4. I've been meaning to organize my closet since I moved in with my husband when we got married but I just never knew how to. you're closet looks awesome and pretty much the exact same size as mine. this is definitely my next little project... i wonder how long it'll take me to get it done I have so much to organize. Thanks! Great job!

  5. Love this closet! It will work perfect for me since my closet is like a long narrow closet and one wall is not being utilized. I always hesitated using it because there is a pocket door and I didn't want to nail into it, but with the peg board - I will be able to utilize the whole wall! Can you tell me how you attached the wall jewelry cabinet and the peg board? Did you use a 2X4 for the top and then anchor the jewelry cabinet into that? I have my father-in-law coming in less then a week and I will have him help me with this! I am so excited to make this closet mine!!


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