Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Christmas over here

TGIF and Merry Christmas to me!!!

That's right people, today feels like Christmas over here because the gifts are pouring in. I brought my mail in and guess what I saw?  A glimpse of the H at the bottom of my mail pile. That is a sight that gives me PURE joy.

My all time favorite magazine....HGTV!

Ahhhhhhh... it's here!

Yeeeeyyyyyyy... time to curl up on the couch, light some candles and read every word on every page.  This was just what I needed today!

I usually quickly open to my favorite article, the "how bad is it" one, and I read that from start to finish. It is such a great idea to have all of those "scratch- your- head questions"{as they like to call it} answered.  I've never loved reading so much...go figure I am a P.E. teacher!

My next stop is usually the feature articles.  For instance, this month's feature is about 3 designer daughters who decorate rooms for their parents.  WHY CAN'T THIS BE ME?!?!?  I am loving the master bedroom with all of the pops of orange and the teal kitchen cabinets...

Then I pop in and look at what Sabrina has on her "High/Low List"...

There's a great shot of my BFF....j/k I'm really not a psycho stalker! 

I am always searching for new fun tools to play with and in this article they featured a couple designer choices. I love seeing what all of my favorite designers/handy people are using now a days.  Ohhhh.... to be them for a day..... keep dreaming right?

Alright I'm outta here!!! Time for me to go finish reading and start making my Christmas shopping list!
Who else loves the HGTV Mag?  What are your favorite sections?

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