Thursday, May 9, 2013

Painting Stripes on Curtain Panels

Say what?!?! You can paint curtain panels with actual regular wall paint? 
O yes my can be done!  

I recently convinced my cousin to let me paint some bold stripes on her son's boring white curtain panels.  Jack's room has a bold navy blue color up top (old navy by ben moore) and then a fresh clean white underneath the chair rail.  I've been dying to experiment with painting curtain panels for a while now and I thought this would be the perfect time to do it. So glad my cuz gave me the GO! We knew we would never find the right "navy blue" colored  panels to match her son's walls so that's when I decided to use the leftover paint from the room to paint some big thick stripes on the existing panels. 

Check out the process....

I laid out each panel and began taping. We knew we wanted 7 stripes (4 blue, 3 white) so we did some math and figured out that an 11.5 inch stripe would be the perfect size for these 84" panels. 

I threw some small pieces of tape on the stripes that I had planned on painting just so I didn't totally screw the pot and paint the wrong section. That would have sucked! 

If you plan on trying this at home, I would definitely suggest using a foam roller and really make sure to press down your painter's tape before you throw the paint on.  I know that sounds like it would be common sense but you really have to make sure the tape has adhered to the fabric. I would also suggest hanging the curtains to dry.  Dry time was cut in half because the panels were able to breath once they were lifted off the ground.  

It took 2 coats of laying it on sorta thin.  

Here is a shot of one of the windows before....


2nd window before....


I love what just a little painter's tape and some paint can do to a boring window treatment. 

Jack's older brother Joey was chatting with me as I took some after shots. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how clean my lines came out.  I was shocked at how much the blue tape worked on the fabric.  TOTAL SUCCESS!!!!

I'll be back to show you the final touches on Jack's room.  We still have a long way to go but little by little we are getting there. Anyone else planning on painting curtains anytime soon?  If so, please share your blog and/or photos! 


  1. What a difference----they make the whole room!! One of my favorite Shush designer touches ever! Great job.

  2. These turned out freaking awesome!

  3. Painting your curtains with wall paint can be a thrifty idea for your project. However, just make sure that the paint you're using is toxic-free and doesn't have strong chemical smell. It can be harmful to the rest of you, especially with kids. But anyway, your curtain looked really beautiful.

  4. Can you wash these with the wall paint on them?

    I am wondering how to keep them clean.

    Thanks for any help.

  5. I like the color that you chose to paint with. However, I think it's best if you use the lighter ones so that it can reflect the light coming from outside, which is good for your kid's eyesight.


  6. where are the curtains from?


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