Friday, May 17, 2013

Painting a Fridge

During a recent garage clean out at my parent's house(next blog post) I came up with the idea of painting their disgusting fridge in their garage.  It had really gross stains and rust all over it.  At first I was going to paint the entire fridge but then my mom told me that she plans on replacing her kitchen fridge soon so that would eventually bump this fridge out to the trash.  Soooooo... I decided to have a little fun and JUST paint the right side with chalkboard paint. I figured my mom could use it to make shopping lists for outdoor stuff or my little nieces and nephews could leave cute messages on the board every time they go out to the garage to fetch us all our drinks. 
(kiddie slaves..j/ i'm not)

Here is a before shot...

I had some leftover paint in the house that ended up being just enough for 3 coats. 

After the 1st coat I started to have a panic attack because I didn't think it was sticking but then it dried really fast and my 2nd coat went on so smoothly= SCORE! I did read about painting with chalkboard paint and how you should use the magnetic primer to really get the paint to adhere but I was being lazy and I didn't feel like priming considering this fridge is a piece of junk.  

Looking so good after the 2nd coat....

I kept getting distracted by this little cutie who kept knocking on the door saying "ushy (shushy) open the dur"...LOL!  I love how she says my name. She was prancing around in her adorable gymnastics leotard on a day that she did not have "nastics" (as we call it).  She loves to dress up and God forbid you tell her she can't.  

After the 3rd and final coat I was so stoked!

It looks so much cleaner now. 

And then my nieces got their hands dirty and went to town.

Then it was my turn to get my hands dirty in a super neat and clean way.
I am obsessed with making lists. 

Side note: even though I didn't use the magnetic primer, the fridge is still functional as a magnet. 

This small change has transformed the garage, everyone and their mother has complimented it.   

Has anyone else painted a refrigerator lately?  If so, please tell me about it. I am loving this transformation, mainly because this fridge was a real eye sore but now it's such a feature.  
Well, watchya think?
 Pretty cool eh?

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