Monday, May 20, 2013

Sprucing up the Garage for the Parental Units

A couple weekends ago my dad and I decided it was time to clean out his garage(which probably hadn't been touched in 20 some years).  My dad is a neat freak like me and he GETS my OCD urge to make sure everything has a home.  We attacked his entire garage(de-cluttered 35yrs+ of junk) in 1 day.  Pretty damn remarkable if I should say so myself.  

I arrived at my parent's house on a Sunday morning and my dad had already begun the process.  As I drove up I was salivating, I have issues. I quickly parked and hopped out to help him start carrying everything out.  After about an hour the whole garage was empty, then I had the worst feeling in the world..."HOLY CRAP" I forgot to take a before pic. Ugh....that still makes me want to vomit but that's when I immediately stopped and started taking some pics mid-project...

Everyone driving by thought it was a yard sale and my dad's reaction each time was priceless... "get the  heck outta here!" He might have used some other choice words, not gonna lie! 

We bought some shelves from Lowe's to try and utilize the height in the space.  You could not even walk to the back of this garage before we emptied it.  

My parents help babysit all 6 of my nieces and nephews, who are all under the age of 9, so you can imagine all of the toys, bikes, scooters, etc that has to be stored in this space. (along with 35yrs worth of junk)   

Here it is almost finished, we still have to make room for the small sporting equipment on the peg board. I still can't believe all of the walking space.  I love it and the kids love it too.  

We created 5 zones in the space:

 Zone 1: HOME IMPROVEMENT- pool supplies, tools, and leftover home improvement supplies(extra tile, grout, trim, etc) were stored in the HOT blue cabinetry in the back.

Zone 2: BIKES GALORE- We used "J" hooks to hang up almost every single bike(6)

Zone 3: HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES -cleaning supplies(middle 2 shelves), paint supplies(bottom 2 shelves), Car Wash stuff (top shelf)

Zone 4: GARDEN STUFF- we used more hooks to hang the leaf blower, extension cords and some hoses.  I also bought two big pegboards for about $16 and painted them with whatever leftover paint my dad had in the garage. We used a bunch of peg board accessories to hang ALL of the garden tools.  They turned out great and really give my dad room to grow if he needs to add more items later on.  

Side note: We are still working on a sporting zone but we need to buy a couple bins or some sort of rack system for the peg board. We were also able to hang some of the kids' golf bags up there too. 

Zone 5: HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES- paper products, and drinks.  

Still grinding my teeth about not taking a before pic but I will get over it never.

Creating the zones really helped us bring everything back into the garage in a neat and timely fashion.  I hope it stays this way and if it doesn't I'm kicking somebody's arse!


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