Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dining Room Chairs Get a Facelift

 Every since my accessory swap in my living room, where I changed out these accessories for....

these new colorful ones, I have been dying to change out my dining room chairs as well.  Of course, it's too expensive to buy all new chairs so I decided to go the slipcover route.   

But before I move on, I want to share the progress on my Hot Pink Area Rug. Unfortunately, it had to go because of the material.  It would gather and bunch up every time someone would walk on it. DROVE ME INSANE!!!!! You can kinda see it bunching up near the right foot of my chaise lounge. It was way too thin and I wanted something with a little more padding.  So I came across this bad boy and it had just enough cushion under foot and most importantly it STAYS PUT, like an area rug should.  I know what you are thinking...."duh Michelle, why didn't you buy a rug pad to hold the rug in place?" Well guess what? I did and it still wasn't cooperating so I had to send that beauty back. I was so sad to say goodbye to my second love hot pink area rug, but I am already loving this newbie.  I'll be back to blog about how it's performing in the space real soon...don't worry. 

Alright back to my chairs!  Here is what they looked like before I purchased my new slipcovers. 
Beige and BOR...ING!

Just your typical Napa style dining chair with washable tight fit slipcovers. 

I was in Pottery barn one day shopping for a client and I came across these beauties for $35 a piece. Total bargain!  I immediately fell in love with the ties on the backs of the chairs and the price so I snatched 3 of them up. They are so bright and airy but yet very charming and romantic, which is just what I wanted that space to feel like. I'm sure you are all thinking "white, yea right, that would get dirty so fast!" And you are so right because the first time I had my family over, one of  my little niece's and her pizza sauced filled fingers slapped a monster print on the back of one of the chairs.  My stomach dropped but at the same time I was so cool with it because I knew they were washable.  The stain came out like a champ so now I have absolutely no concerns about these slipcovers getting ruined. Mind at ease! 

I can't express how much I love my dining chairs now.  All this time I was drooling over the hundreds of chairs I would see while out shopping and wishing I had the money to buy them ALL but all it took was a simple slipcover to completely change the look of my old dingy chairs.  

They brighten things up in such a cheerful way and they compliment all of the white accents in my living room I am just so smitten with these girls!

I'll be back later this week to share how I plan to make these chairs just a tad bit prettier!  

Stay tuned....


  1. I really loved the thing you did with the chairs. But i think I would try some different color than white.

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  3. Awesome style. These chairs add a stylish edge to any home.Buy single or double mattress

  4. I just love your work with dining table and chairs. It is really very much important to protect the fabric of your chairs while having some meal so for that chair covers are the beast idea for that.
    I will also use some kind of theme for my dining room.

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