Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ACCESSORY SWAP: My living room

As you all know I have been through some crazy life changes in the past year and the shit just hasn't stopped.  Some days I feel so helpless and lost that I don't even know what to do with myself.  Now that school is out and summer is here, I decided to take control of some things in my life that make me INCREDIBLY happy.  For starters, I wanted to make some changes to a space where I spend most of my time: my living room.  It is a really awesome room and I am in love with so many things about it but the look is definitely NOT ME! I have always been a colorful person inside and out and this space does not reflect that. So when my HGTV mag arrived in the mail a couple weeks ago it was instant inspiration for me to do an accessory swap.

Inspiration colors: hot pink, teal, green, yellow

When doing an accessory swap, I would first recommend walking around your house and gathering any accessories that you think might work well in your new space. You'd be surprised at how much you can repurpose/ reuse and believe me your husbands wallets will thank you later. 

Back to my plan: I want to simply change out all of my pillows, lamps, area rug and some table top accessories (on my desk and the tv console). SUPER CHEAP process! 

Alright let's get started so you can see all of the changes I made. 

 Here is what my living room looked like before. 

Nice and neutral with some pops of red! So sick of red at this point =(

Then I blogged about these amazing heart shaped baskets that reminded me of my daughter, Micah!

Here is what my living room usually looks like on a daily basis. 

Here is the gorgeous area rug that I am selling.  I really wish I had a bigger house so I could use it somewhere else.  Hate to get rid of this. Comment on this post if you are interested in buying. 

Am I driving you nuts not showing you what my new room looks like yet?!?!  
Here we go....



Not 100% sure that this rug is the right choice but I am loving it for the time being.  I am feeling greens lately so I will be back to blog about some other options and I will probably take a poll to see what you all think I should pick. 

Alright now that you've seen the changes let's talk about what I actually purchased, stole from other rooms, rearranged, and reused. 

1. Green side table: I stole this from my master bedroom and I love it much much better next to my sectional. (it's a little high but I'll get over it)

2. Lamp: I also stole the pair from my master bedroom. They are so fresh and clean looking.  

3. Painting: I purchased this from Homegoods for 24 bucks. (my favorite piece in the whole space)

4. Green vase: on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for 4 bucks.

5. Teal frame: I stole it from my upstairs hallway.  I blogged about it here when I stenciled an entire wall.

6. "&" sign, clock, and bowl with sand: all rearranged.  I already had these in the space.

7. Foyer rug: purchased at Target for $14.

8. Sunburst mirror: purchased at Homegoods for $40

9. Vase on coffee table: purchased from Homegoods, on sale for $10.

10. Pillows: Target- floral print 14.99 and yellow diamond print (Nate Berkus= I love you) on sale 9.99
Homegoods- black chevron, yellow chevron, teal, green geometric (all 16.99 each)

11.  Area rug: purchased at for $299(on sale because no one would ever buy hot pink...LOL)

12. Bird accessory: purchased at Homegoods for $7

Yes, you did see a huge jar of washi tape on my desk. My obsession is no joke! 

That wraps up my ACCESSORY SWAP! I spent a total of $ 483.94  and that small amount COMPLETELY transformed my space.  I am one happy clam =)  There is nothing like waking up to this EVERY single morning... 

I should have done this a LONG time ago.  Just like everyone else, I feared depleting my bank account and that is exactly what held me back from changing things.  I hate that I let money fears get in the way of my happiness.  There is always a WAY folks, we just have to use our noggins!  I can honestly say I got a whole new room for under 500 buckaroos....F' yea!

P.s. I am still not completely sold on that hot pink area rug so I will be back with a couple other options.

Time to relax....


  1. Michelle - I am N.Anstey's BFF and I am totally obsessed with your page. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with your living room. I especially love how you refer to it as your space!!

    I have a very drab, blah, dull office at work...any tips on how to add a little "Shush"???

    E. Perry

    1. Bring lots of colorful accessories in! Maybe a cute tray with a couple small mason jars filled with flowers, pens, rubber bands, etc. Throw a colorful chevron picture frame in the tray with a fam photo that makes you smile. You could also line the inside of your desk drawers with colorful shelf liner and then use clear acrylic drawer organizers so you can see through them to still enjoy your liner.

      hope this helps!
      Shush Girl

  2. Your rug is fabulous and it pulls everything together! Dont doubt it.

  3. I love the subtle ways you pull things together that most people would never see as "do-able"! (ex....did anyone notice that the vase in the floral print on the wall has the same black and white chevron pattern as the pillow on the sectional??) I like the rug....but I'm with you. I'd have to live with it for a bit and make a final decision. We have a tendency to "live" (eat, nap, etc) in our LR and my "boys" (19 and 44yrs old, but think 10 and would inevitably get dirt from shoes, food....SOMETHING all over it!

  4. This is gorgeous! I found your site by googling for a rug, and that wall art you have is EXACTLY what I have been searching for! I see you got it at Homegoods (sad sigh because I know I'll never find it there!) but would there be any info on the back like the company name or artist? Or would you happen to be tired of it by now and want to sell it? :) If you have time to reply that would be so great! Love your styling. Hope you're enjoying your space! :)

    1. Hi Wendy, so sorry but I adore that painting as much as you do but if I do want to get rid of it I will let you know and it will be yours at no cost =)

  5. What material is your sectional made of? Thanks!

  6. Also, what color is the sectional? Dark gray? The room is GORGEOUS!!

    1. It is made of a polyester chenille material and it is dark gray. I got it at macy's and it is 5 years old now and still in great condition. Here it is....


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