Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall Festival Going On Inside These Walls

BOOM...September is here and I no longer feel like I'm the only weirdo who is having a Fall Festival in her house right now.  I've seen tons of people purchasing fall decor in Homegoods and Joann Fabrics, so HA I'm not alone.  Yesterday, I went shopping with one of my good friends from work, who I WILL call my design assistant one day, and we had a blast.  We were oooooo'ing and ahhhh'ing all afternoon.  There is a shit ton of adorable stuff out there right now and I literally needed to be slapped with an, "I can't afford it" stick every 5 seconds, otherwise I would have come home with a lot more than these adorable straws.  I was so excited when I found them in orange, black, and purple.  I've posted about them before and they just make any drink/milkshake/protein shake look and taste so much cuter. (if that's even possible for something to taste cute?!?!)

We also came across these adorable little owls and my DA(design assistant), Jean, insisted on buying them for me.  She's such a gem and so are these adorable big eyes.  I can't get enough of them glowing at night and they are the perfect shade of green to go with my green chevron area rug. Win Win!

The remaining items pictured are some staples from years passed: silver pumpkin, witch hat candy dish,  and the glittered "boo" sign (which I will never throw away).  I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to seasonal decor, I don't think you need something for every single table top, wall, corner or door.  To me that is just TOO much and way too much work. I think less is more and finding those FEW beautiful pieces is all you need.  So what you see below is the extent of my fall decor.

Remember this gorgeous burlap wreath I posted about on Instagram and Facebook?!?! Still so stoked that I found it and still wishing I made it but oh well, I will learn one day.  I did recently cut one of the bows off for a little DIY project that I will be blogging about next. Can't wait to share.

I have to admit the one thing that really makes a statement in my house more than any of these pieces is the AROMA when you walk in the door.  My brother's girlfriend stopped by the other day and she mentioned that it just smelled "warm and cozy" and she immediately asked if I had cooked something. That is the exact feeling I want to bottle up when I think of fall.

Okay....Okay.... I will share my secret. It's this bad boy, "Glade Automatic Sprayer" filled with the salty caramel scent. It is GOLD!  Seriously best investment EVER.  I have it perched at the top of my stairwell so it sprays down into my foyer every 30 minutes. Yes, you can pick how often you want it to spray = Complete Awesomeness! I found out about this sprayer after I almost got sprayed in the face by it while I was painting, my friend, Alicia's laundry room. It was literally love at first duck spray. I almost didn't duck fast enough. She had her's on top of her cabinetry above her washer and dryer and it was more like a clean cottony smell, which was PERFECT for that space.  The next time I was at Target I snatched one up and it's been my best friend all summer long.  Don't get it twisted I still love all of my candles but this sprayer is great because it makes my place smell good even when I'm not home.  Nothing like walking into your house after being gone all day at work and smelling this deliciousness.


The framed chalkboard print you saw above was a simple jpeg that I ordered off of etsy. They are an inexpensive addition to any space because you can easily throw them in a frame you already have. That's exactly what I did here.  This frame used to hold an adorable paisley print but I easily switched it out and I will probably do the same for the winter holidays.  

So that's what's going on over here, nothing short of sweet, salty, warm, cozy, 
hooting fun inside these walls. I'll be back soon to share my latest DIY which involves some salsa and some rope. Hmmmmm........

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