Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo Wall Change Up

I am officially tired of this photo wall in my condo and I cannot wait to change it out. 

 In my world, I grow tired A LOT faster of my home decor than the normal homeowner! Ask Bill...he will tell you about the 50 million different ways this room has been dressed. In the past 3 years I've gone through about 4 different curtain panels, a bagillion {yes I made that word up}accent pillows and covers, 3 different lamps, 3 different sofas and side chairs, and tons of different wall art.  Anyone could tell you that this photo wall is my favorite design element to date because it is the only thing that hasn't been changed in a year...lol! This picture was taken a year ago so there are a bunch of things in this pic that are different now.  {ex: new leather round coffee table, new wall art for above the TV and the TV stand accessories are changed monthly

I am still LOVING my desk behind the sectional, that falls a close second to the photo wall. 

The hunt for something new had begun.  I searched online for inspiration and I just couldn't find anything that I loved.  I knew I wanted a change, so that meant no more pictures and I'm not a huge "art" fan so I knew that probably wouldn't be an option for me either.  The only other thing left were objects.    What the heck kind of objects would look good above this long sectional???  I gave up after 2 weeks of looking.  I ended up giving in after finding this inspiration photo.

But after buying 9 frames and laying them out on my living room floor, I still wasn't in love with the idea. 

 Sooooo... I did what I do best and I returned them all and just decided to not do anything for a while until I saw something I REALLY wanted.  A week or two later I was returning pillows at Homegoods for a client and I came across the most adorable baskets.  They were heart shaped and being sold in all different sizes....FREAKIN PERFECT!  I immediately laid them out on the floor in Homegoods and started arranging them in all different ways. They were so versatile and just FUN, I had to get them.  So I snatched up 2 mediums, 2 smalls, and 1 large shaped basket.  They seriously couldn't be more perfect. If you didn't know hearts are kind of my "thing" ever since my daughter passed this summer.  I blogged while she was in the hospital and we called the blog "WE HEART MICAH," so ever since, hearts ALWAYS remind me of Micah.  This is theeeeee  MOST perfect touch of Micah in our living room.  

 A little before and after action.... 

I ended up taking most of the frames from my old photo wall over to my sister's house and I plan on using them for a new photo wall in her upstairs foyer.  I kept the "life is good" piece and put in my kitchen.  I love how it adds a little somethin somethin above my windows....

Back to my adorable hearts.... 

Well... what do you think?  Do you "heart" my new wall?  No offense but I don't care what you think because this wall is so special to me and that's all that matters...just kidding...no I'm not =) 


  1. Adorable!
    I love the hearts. I'm glad you stumbled across them- it was meant to be :)
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  2. i think it looks great! the hearts are super cute!! your home needs to be scentsy-fied ;)

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