Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Chip It" Tool Rocks My World

Ever see an awesome space online and you are dying to know what colors they used in it? And of course there is no description and there is no one to contact to find out? Well, Sherwin Williams has solved that problem and it's called Let's Chip It! It's an online program where you drag their "chip it" tool onto your toolbar and anytime you see a photo you like you can use the tool to chip some colors out for you. I actually pinned this pic below on Pinterest before I knew about chip it and now I am hating the fact that the colors are not listed. Grrrrrr!  

Sooooo....I decided to use the chip it tool and check it out.... BOOM I got the colors I was looking for, "Fleeting Green" and "Zeus." As you can see, it isn't perfect because sometimes it throws a rogue color in there.  For instance, "Polished Mahogany" is nowhere to be found in this shot but at least the ones I wanted were listed. It's still an amazing design tool!  I could hug the people at Sherwin Williams for creating this.

Here are some of the photos saved in my ChipBooks....

Then I thought it would be fun to use it on a couple of my own spaces at home. It did pretty good! 

 Isn't this tool just the coolest thing? I am OB... SESSED! You can click here to get started chipping some of your favorite spaces online. CHIP AWAY....

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