Saturday, February 2, 2013


As a blogger, I have found that one of my favorite things to do while blogging is searching for adorable fonts to use in my posts.  I am all about changing things up ALL the time.  I HEART change and cute fonts, but Holy Hell, it is an addiction.  Seriously, I might have to start every post with "Hi my name is Michelle and I am a font addict!" Although this is so much fun, the only thing that I hate about downloading new fonts is when I can't remember the names of them. For example: Let's just say I am 95% done a blog entry and I am ready to post it but I just want to give it a little spice by changing out the fonts.  The only problem is I can't friggin remember the names of the fonts that I had pictured using in my head.  I literally will not post that blog for 3 days until I have it EXACTLY how I want it.  It is so frustrating searching and clicking on every single font to see if it's what I am looking for.


Thanks to I don't have to deal with this nonsense any longer!  I could seriously kiss the person who created this website...Genius!!!!  It is a site where you can enter the word you would like to use or a word you want to see in a specific font.  The site will upload every single font you have saved on your computer and display how the word will look.

 IT... IS...  AHHH... MAZZZZ... ING!!!!! Here are a couple screen shots of what I am talking about....

This makes it so stinkin easy to find any look I had been searching for.  I demand you click on this link and try it out the next time you are typing up a cute label, letter, thank you card, etc. You will immediately be schmoozed by this site. 

HOLY Wordmark you have made my blog life so much easier! 

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