Friday, February 8, 2013

Bathroom Update: Switchin Out a Shower Curtain

Hey guys! I wanted to pop in and share some minor changes I made to one of the two bathrooms on the 2nd floor of my condo.  This bathroom is used by me and ONLY me. Bill uses the 2nd bedroom's bath and closet so I have this all to myself and it's wonderful! 

So, I've been trying to keep things neutral (color wise) for a while now and I am soooooo bored but I DO plan on selling soon so I really don't want to stray from my neutrals.  I was, however, getting so sick of this shower curtain below so I needed to switch it out for a fresher look.

Sorry this is the only pic I have of my bath before I changed things. 

 Lately I have been so smitten by the idea of using actual window curtain panels as a shower curtain.  I hit up Homegoods on Friday night with one of my BFFs and that's when I came across two curtain panels for 30 bucks and they were the perfect style I was looking for.  They were fresh, clean, and just the right height.  I bought them immediately and then had some after thoughts. The curtains are grommet tops so I wasn't sure how to hang the liner on the same rod. Then I remembered I had a left over tension rod but then I wondered if that would look okay hanging two rods in one shower? Hmmmmmm.... I was starting to get bummed that this might not work. As soon as I got home I hauled ass right upstairs and started tackling this fun project.  This is where I forgot to take a good "before" pic of the entire bathroom...grrrrrr! Oh well...

So after a few new screw holes and the addition of a tension rod my shower was transformed. all worked out in the end.  Before I bought the curtains, I did make sure they were at least 80"H because I wanted to bring the height of the curtain rod up another 8" to really bring your eye up and make the space look bigger.  It is super small. 

 I really enjoy showering in there now because I don't even bother closing the curtain panels so I get tons of light.  I am assuming Bill likes it too because I'll hear a little whistle every now and then when he walks 

So let's check out this $30 makeover...

Isn't the pattern gorgeous?  I love that Moroccan print, it reminds me of the wall I stenciled

Here is a shot from inside the shower.  You can see how I added the tension rod to hold my curtain liner.   

I was really worried in the beginning about seeing two rods but now you can't even see the tension rod from eye level when you walk into the bathroom. {Yes there are two rods in that picture below, you just can't see the 2nd one} I am also digging how these panels are hiding my shower head.  I hate seeing those things peeking their ugly heads out. "Aint nobody got time for that".... hahaha friggin love that youtube video. 

I brought up the shower rod about 8 inches in order to give the curtain panels enough room to just barely graze the floor.  I didn't want them puddling on the floor because if the floor gets wet I don't want them getting ruined.  Here is a look at the old screw holes and you can see how far I came up with the new placement...

The grommet top panels make it so easy to slide back and forth and they also do a great job hiding the tension rod.

If you are wondering what that artwork is hanging on the wall, scroll down to find out!

This is a piece of art that is SO incredibly meaningful to me.  My aunt Chris and her sister got together and decided to make this for Bill and I.  It is the poem that my cousin Erin read at Micah's funeral {to read about Micah's Story click here}.  My aunt's sister is an amazing artist, she illustrated this entire piece. She even added a beautiful ribbon with "we heart Micah" written on it {which was the name of Micah's blog}. They also decided to put Micah's birth flower in there and we all know I am loving pinks right now so this was absolutely PERFECT.  You are probably saying "why above the toilet?" Well, I didn't want to put this in a common area in our house because I didn't want people getting upset reading it so I kept it ALL to myself in my own lady cave =)

This was the perfect finishing touch to this inexpensive bathroom makeover. 

Remember there are NO RULES when it comes to design. Who says you can't take a window panel and throw it in your bathroom as a shower curtain?  Any of you doing anything unexpected in your spaces? 

Have a great weekend!  I will be patiently awaiting Winter Storm Nemo.... 
just keep snowing, just keep snowing! 


  1. Chris sent me the link to your blog and the picture of my artwork and your kind words. It looks perfect in your new bathroom-hopefully it will make you feel wrapped in Micah's love in your snug, beautiful "lady cave". (LOVE that!)
    I love all your design work and ideas-you are truly gifted. Gotta use those pantry ideas,the before pic looks like mine!

    1. We can't thank you enough for your creativity and generosity <3! My lady cave is so special now =)

  2. This worked out great! Thanks for the tips! Im in love with my new bathroom look.

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