Saturday, March 2, 2013

Organizing Household Warranties & Manuals

Well hello strangers!  I know it's been way too long since my last post but now that I am back to work after my maternity leave I have NO TIME!  Sorry to leave ya hanging.  I do miss blogging and I wish I had the energy to keep up with it. I'm sure you were all dying surviving without my wonderful advice!  

Even though I haven't posted in a while I continue to feed my OCD addiction with little organizing jobs around the house, so I am here tonight to fill ya in on this genius idea I found over at Alejandra's blog.   A couple weeks ago I walked around my house and gathered up all of my warranties and manuals for EVERY SINGLE item purchased in this house and I finally found a way to keep them all nice and tidy in ONE, easy to find, spot.  

I first grabbed all of my supplies from Staples before I started the project. 
This project only cost me $30 bucks and it gave me such relief knowing that I can find any big ticket receipt, warranty or manual in a hot second. 

{label maker was purchased yrs ago but I had to run out and get some clear tape for it}

Love these binders because they expand well and they don't slide around due to their "grippy edges", as I like to call them! {rubberized spine as they like to call it}

After I was all prepped and ready to begin, I laid out all of my manuals and warranties 
on my kitchen table.  

Then I put them into piles and labeled them with post-its. That way I knew how many sections I was going to need for my binders.  I knew I wanted to go with two binders because there was just too much of everything that I couldn't fit it all into one.  

I followed Alejandra's advice and made one binder for the house to hold all of my manuals/warranties for my appliances, flooring, hot water heater, etc. {this binder will stay with the house when I sell}  

The second binder will hold all of my manuals/warranties of my personal big ticket items: my camera, car stuff,  TVs, ipod docks, cell phones, furniture, etc.  {This binder will obviously go wherever I go in the future} 

After I had everything organized I then started stuffing my velcro gussetted binder pockets {best thing on the planet}. These binder pockets are PERFECT for housing bulky paperwork. 

They can hold up to 200 sheets of paper, they are already hole punched, and they keep everything neatly tucked inside by their clever velcro flap.  {HEAVENLY}

My next favorite organizing accessory are these tabs from Staples. I bought a butt load for work and I am not obsessed, I swear! Something is seriously wrong with me, I get WAY to excited about the weirdest things...somebody hose me down!

I whipped up some labels with my handy dandy p-touch label maker.  I prefer to use labels instead of writing directly on the tabs because of the following:
 1. I hate my handwriting and this looks so clean and neat 
2. So that I can easily change the tabs out in the future by just peeling off my clear labels. 

I also love that these tabs can be repositioned a bunch of times before they lose their stickiness. 

And a here is a shot of my smaller "stays with the house" binder....

These small windows for a little label are also pretty clutch! 

Ahhhhhhhhh.... all of that clunky, heavy paperwork in one happy spot!  

If you are wondering where I keep these binders, they go perfectly in my rugby striped basket next to my desk in my living room. They live in there along with my household binder

If you aren't sure where to store yours, you can always put them in pretty paper boxes on a bookcase or coffee table and they can look something like this....

Nobody will ever know what is in them! 

I hope this will convince some of you to get your butt in gear, the same way Alejandra's 
video lit a fire under my OCD butt. 

Go binder something up! 


  1. Hi have totally motivated me!!! Hit Staples yesterday and got all of my supplies. I'm pretty much ready to go. BTW, which size rugby striped bin did you use...small or large???? Thanks. PS - Kristine Ryan introduced me to your blog!

    1. I'm pretty sure it was the smaller sized bin. It is about 14" deep. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  2. Thank you for this great post! I'm in warranty hell and your system is exactly what I need to follow. The only issue I'm having is finding the binder pockets with velcro at Staples in Canada. Going to check Target/Walmart after the holiday frenzy dies down unless someone knows where else I can find them.

    1. Hey Brian,

      Here ya go...

      thanks for stopping by

    2. Thanks Michelle! My weekend project is coming together ;)

  3. did you buy the mini or full size better binder at Staples? I like how they sit nicely in the C store rugby....


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